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INS Fact Sheet on Premium Processing Program, May 29, 2001


Employers may use Form I-907 to request faster processing of certain employment-based petitions. Currently, those eligible to request this service are the following categories of nonimmigrants whose employers file on their behalf using INS Form I-129: E-1; E-2; H-2A; H-2B; H-3; L-1; O-1; O-2; P-1; P-3; and Q-1. NOTE: On July 30, 2001, the following nonimmigrant categories will also be eligible to request this Premium Processing Service: H-1B; TN; and R.

What is Premium Processing? Premium Processing Service is an opportunity for the employer or the beneficiary to request faster processing of certain employment-based petitions and applications to meet the employer’s need to hire foreign workers. The Premium Processing fee is $1,000, which is in addition to the regular filing fees that must be paid to the Service for the filing of certain petitions and applications.

When will Premium Processing be available? The opportunity to request Premium Processing is available starting June 1, 2001. Initially, the classifications eligible for Premium Processing requests are: E-1, E-2, H-2A, H-2B, H-3, L-1A, L-1B, Blanket L, O, P, and Q. Starting July 30, 2001, H-1B, R, and TN classifications will be eligible for Premium Processing requests. Notification of any additions or terminations regarding Premium Processing will be published in the Federal Register (click here for regulation)

What are the benefits of requesting Premium Processing? Premium Processing guarantees 15-calendar day processing of certain employment-based petitions and applications. In other words, the Service will issue an approval notice, request for additional evidence, notice of investigation for fraud, or notice of intent to deny within 15 calendar days from the date the petition was received at the Service Center. If the Service does not issue a notice or request within 15 calendar days, your Premium Processing fee will be refunded automatically and the Service will continue processing the petition or application. The Premium Processing Service unit at every Service Center will have a unique address that will be used to file requests for Premium Processing to facilitate expeditious handling. In addition, each Service Center will have dedicated phone number(s), fax number(s), and an e-mail address in order to provide enhanced customer service contact.

How do I request Premium Processing Service? A Federal Register notice will be published in May 2001 outlining the specific directions for filing within the Premium Processing Service program. Along with that notice, a new form (I-907) will be published for use which will have instructions on where and how to file.

Can the fee for Premium Processing Services be waived? No, the fee for Premium Processing Service cannot be waived for any reason. The Service will continue its existing policy and procedures for expeditious processing of petitions and applications filed by petitioners designated as non-profit by the IRS.

How will employers know which applications and petitions are accepted for Premium Processing Service? The Service will designate petitions and applications for Premium Processing Service by publishing notices in the Federal Register. These notices will specify the form types and the visa classifications for which Premium Processing Service is available. The notices will also specify the dates on which the availability of Premium Processing Service begins and ends. The Service has announced a temporary termination of Premium Processing Service by publication of a notice in the Federal Register.

If you filed, or will file, your I-129 at the Nebraska Service Center, mail your Form I-907 (download .pdf form) to:

*Mailing Address*
USINS, Nebraska Service Center
P.O. Box 87103
Lincoln, NE 68501-7103

*Express Mail Address*
USINS, Nebraska Service Center
850 S Street
Lincoln, NE 68508

*E-Mail Address*:

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